What Services Do County Governments Provide?

What Services Do County Governments Provide?

February 11, 2013 2:53 am

Typical Services County Governments Provide

When you go to the park, visit a library or drop your kids off at school, you may not think about who provides those services. Amazingly, these are not the only things that county government provides funds for.

Get Those Roads Paved
Many roads within a particular county are kept up and maintained by the county itself. Although some projects may be completed with the help of state or town governments, many of the workers who work on the roads are employed by the county.

Health Care Is Provided By County Governments
In some states, the state government mandates that the counties provide funding for health care services. This means that the doctor that you visit when you are sick or the ER that you go to when you break your leg is funded in part or in full by the county. Seasonal services such as flu shots may also be provided by the county for those who cannot afford it on their own.

Sheriffs Are Funded By The County
Each county will have its own police force to help keep the citizens safe. In some cases, fire departments may also be funded by the county that you live in. Ambulance services may also get their money from the county in some instances. However, it is usually only mandated that the county pay for a sheriff and his deputies.

Many services that people may take for granted are paid for by the county in which you live. Although it may be a pain to pay property and other taxes each year, that money makes sure that you have schools, parks and police officers to keep you safe.