Common Services a County Offers to its Citizens

March 8, 2014 1:33 am

Most counties in the US try to offer many common services to its citizens. One of the most fundamental that is found in most counties is a public school. Public schools form the backbone of the next generation, offering free education to all who reside within its district. This usually includes free library services to all attending children as well.

Another common facility is a local park that is maintained by the county, and is readily accessible to the public. These parks can include basic playground equipment, but can also include things such as lake access, campgrounds, or a public pool. Many parks also have public restrooms and water fountains.

Libraries are another feature that is utilized to accommodate county residents. While most people think of libraries as only containing dusty old books, many have made the leap into the new millennium with style. Libraries now commonly include an internet cafe, a coffee bar, music resources, movie resources, and even rent out meeting rooms with free wi-fi access. While not all libraries include all of these features, many counties are choosing to invest more money into them to bring them further into the 21st century.

Many counties also offer senior services that help to assist the elderly living in the community. These services include such things as grocery shopping for the elderly, or providing a common night for them to get together and play games. Another service that is rapidly growing for seniors is providing them opportunities to attend jazz themed concerts with martinis or other drinks being served with a formal dinner. Non-profit organizations sometimes assist the counties in funding these humanitarian services.